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Rose Process

Aligning with Our Services 

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Session Selections

The Blooming Session: 

75 minutes Individual Online Session 

Much like planting a Rose seed with care, this session focuses on laying a solid foundation and nurturing your emotional landscape. Through bespoke practices, I guide you to cultivate self-awareness, acknowledge your emotions and set the groundwork for growth, much like a gardener preparing the soil for a budding Rose.

Bundle Options:

Rosebud Unveiling Sessions:  

Four x 75 minutes Online Sessions. Valid for 6 months 

This package, spanning four sessions, mirrors the process of watering and tending the Rosebud. Each session nurtures your blossoming, to release emotional distress and energy blockages, much like providing essential nutrients and water to help the Rosebud blossom.

Petals Unfolding Sessions: 

Eight x 75 minutes Online Sessions. Valid for 12 months 

As the Rose begins to reveal its vibrant petals, this package guides you in transitioning into a life rich with profound fulfilment, meaning and purpose. Through ongoing exploration and empowerment sessions, I guide you in unearthing resilience and fostering self-compassion, self-love and self-respect.

Radiant Rose Sessions: 

75 minutes Individual Online Sessions 

Much like a fully blossomed Rose radiates beauty and vitality, my ongoing guidance sessions ensure you continue to bloom and sparkle with radiance on this luminous transformative journey called life. These sessions provide you with the tools, insights and inspiration needed to maintain your growth, navigate life's thorns and continue your process with grace, courage, authenticity and unwavering faith.

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