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Rose Diamond Sparkles 


Vivienne Rose Diamond has been certified in Clinical EFT and Energy Psychology by EFT Universe. For information on her full work history check out her LinkedIn profile.


Additionally, Vivienne co-created the Rose Sisters Oracle, a tool for women’s empowerment and continues to offer intuitive readings using the cards. Vivienne’s essence blossoms and evolves through her intuitive abilities, self-care and spiritual practices, including long walks in nature, soaking in a bath, dancing, building muscle strength and reading poetry. For 25+ years, Vivienne has been a spiritual seeker on a modern-day path of self-awareness, realisation, transformation and freedom, the Diamond Approach®.

The International Institute for Complementary Therapists
Vivienne Rose Diamond

Rose Diamond Sparkles Story: 

Amidst the tsunami of turmoil and separation, Vivienne (she/her) felt like a fragile Rose, wilting under the weight of despair and confronting her own dark night of the soul. Seeking refuge, Vivienne found herself at The Rose Centre, where a compassionate therapist introduced her to Tapping. Just as a Rose draws nourishment and strength from the tender touch of sunlight and rain, Tapping became her beacon of hopefulness, breathing new life into her withering soul and fragile heart.

Navigating through the shadows of PTSD, Vivienne perceived herself as a Rose struggling to bloom amidst adversity. With each Tapping session, the veils of pain and suffering began to dissipate, allowing the delicate petals of her soul to unfurl with sincerity. The debilitating heft of PTSD gradually receded, supplanted by feelings of strength, empowerment and resilience.

Embracing this therapeutic odyssey, Vivienne sought another therapist who employed Tapping with children to support her eight-year-old son, envisioning him as a budding Rose, craving care and nourishment. Together, they blossomed, overcoming the echoes of the past and embracing a rosy future.

As the metaphorical Rose within Vivienne and her son began to bloom once more, Vivienne felt emboldened to take decisive steps, enlisting a family lawyer and traversing the complexities of the family law court with newfound grit. Through Tapping, her wilted Rose transformed into symbols of tenacity, courage and unwavering faith, guiding them through one of the most thorny chapters of their lives with steadfast and renewed fortitude, joy and vitality. 

From this transformative and therapeutic journey of personal growth, a profound seed germinated within Vivienne - a vision born out of a fervent desire to extend her spirited energetic embrace to people grappling with life’s intricate tapestry. Recognising the transformative potency of Tapping on her journey, she felt an innate calling to immerse herself in its study. 

Drawing inspiration from her experiences, just as a Rose draws strength from its intricate roots, Vivienne nurtured her vision of establishing a Rose Garden for people – a haven christened as Rose Diamond Sparkles®, dedicated to empowering and guiding people through parallel challenges. This endeavour bloomed from a heartfelt commitment to providing compassionate, holistic and transformative guidance to people yearning to rediscover their inner fortitude, joy, resilience and vitality.

With a deep-rooted passion for guiding others and a genuine commitment to forging meaningful connections, Vivienne meticulously tends the Rose Garden, as a beacon of faith and empowerment for people embarking on their journeys of self-discovery and luminous transformation. Through bespoke Clinical EFT, Energy Psychology, Breathwork and Mindfulness services, Vivienne aspires to cultivate a blossoming Rose Garden where people can blossom, bloom, sparkle and embrace garden-fresh beginnings with grace, courage, authenticity and unwavering faith.

Won’t you step into the Rose Garden permitting your Rose to bloom + Sparkle? 

Four-Step Process:
The Rose Journey to Sparkling Radiance

The Rose Journey to Sparkling Radiance process integrates the metaphor of a Rose with Clinical EFT, Energy Psychology, Breathwork and Mindfulness practices to guide you through a transformative journey of planting, nurturing, blooming and blossoming. By navigating these four steps with intention, compassion and perseverance, you can cultivate emotional wellness and unearth resilience, embracing your innate capacity for growth, luminous transformation and fulfillment, mirroring the radiant beauty and sparkling essence of a Rose in full bloom.

Step 1

 Planting and Nurturing the Rose Seed 

In this foundational step, akin to planting a Rose seed in fertile soil, you are guided to cultivate awareness of your emotions, thoughts, sensations and energy patterns. Through Mindfulness, you learn to observe without judgment, acknowledging your experiences with compassion. Clinical EFT may be introduced to identify specific emotional triggers, blockages or physical sensations, Tapping into the subconscious to unveil underlying issues.

Step 2

Watering and Tending the Rosebud 

Building upon the foundation laid in Step 1, you are nurtured through Energy Psychology techniques such as Gestalt-based practices to nourish the budding Rose. This may include the release of stagnant energy, emotions and limiting beliefs. Clinical EFT practices tap on specific acupressure points, facilitating the release of emotional distress, unhealed wounds or energy blockages, allowing the Rosebud to blossom and grow amidst the challenges it faces. This step allows for the release of trapped energy and the initiation of a shift in perception.

Step 3

Blooming and Embracing the Petals 

In this transformative step, the Rose begins to bloom, revealing its vibrant petals to the world. You are guided in integrating new insights, perspectives and beliefs that align with your journey with Clinical EFT. Energy Psychology interventions combined with Breathwork and Mindfulness practices, empower you to unearth resilience, self-compassion and self-love and self-respect. By Tapping into your innate wisdom and strength, you begin to reshape your narrative, fostering growth and luminous transformation on a profound level.

Step 4

Blossoming and Sparkling with Radiance 

As the Rose reaches its full potential, blossoming amidst adversity, you are guided to embrace your inner power, strength and authenticity. Utilising Clinical EFT, Energy Psychology interventions, Breathwork and Mindfulness practices, you cultivate a deep sense of self-worth, confidence and trust. By aligning with your true essence and values, you illuminate with sparkling radiance, exuding genuine authenticity, joy and vitality. This luminous transformation empowers you to embrace your fullest potential, passionately and wholeheartedly, living a life brimming with love, profound meaning, unwavering truth and intrinsic value.

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