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Marrying EFT with Mindful Eating or Drinking for Lasting Transformation

In recent times, several of my clients have shared their desire to cultivate more mindful eating or drinking habits, nurturing their delicate inner Rose. This inspired me to share with you the power of marrying two remarkable techniques - Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Mindful Eating or Drinking. By merging these practices, you can transform your relationship with food or drink, reduce cravings and blossom on your emotional and holistic wellness journey towards a healthier, happier you. Let us immerse ourselves into the world of Mindful Eating or Drinking and explore how Tapping can become the gardener tending to the precious Rose within.

Why Mindful Eating or Drinking?

Mindful Eating or Drinking is all about being present and fully engaged in the eating or drinking process with your food or drink, senses and emotions during mealtimes. It helps you savour each bite or sip without judgment, recognise hunger or thirst, fullness cues and appreciate your food or drink. When combined with EFT, it becomes even more potent.

How EFT Can Help

EFT is a therapeutic Energy Psychology tool that can help you mitigate cravings, manage emotional eating or drinking and cultivate a healthier relationship with food or drink. By gently tapping on specific acupressure points while focusing on your emotions and thoughts related to food or drink, you can release emotional blockages and alleviate stress. This practice promotes a more balanced, mindful approach to eating or drinking, enhancing your self-care and personal growth.

Let us Get Tapping!

Here is an example of a tapping sequence to get you started on your mindful eating or drinking journey.

Asses how strong that craving is right now on a scale from 1 to 10 (1 being a mild feeling of hunger or thirst, 10 being I am feeling ravenous or a strong desire for that drink).

Setup Statements: Repeat the three Setup statements while tapping on the Side of the Hand point (SOH) which can be found in my free EFT Starter Guide gift:

1.“Even though I have cravings for unhealthy food or drink right now, I choose to love, honour and accept myself and all of my feelings.”

2.“Even though I have these intense cravings for [insert food or drink], I choose to honour my body's true needs and accept myself.”

3.“Even though I feel a strong urge to eat [insert food] or drink [insert drink] when I am stressed, I choose to accept myself and I am open to finding healthier ways to cope.”

Tapping Points:

  1. Top of Head (TOH): "These cravings for unhealthy foods or drinks..."

  2. Eyebrow (EB): "I often eat or drink without thinking..."

  3. Side of Eye (SE): "I feel guilty after eating or drinking..."

  4. Under Eye (UE): "I want to enjoy foods or drinks without overeating..."

  5. Under Nose (UN): "I choose to eat or drink mindfully..."

  6. Chin (CH): "I am open to releasing these cravings..."

  7. Collarbone (CB): "I am learning to listen to my body..."

  8. Under Arm (UA): "I am grateful for the foods or drinks that nourish me..."

Next Round of Tapping:

  1. Top of Head (TOH): "I acknowledge my cravings for unhealthy foods or drinks...

  2. Eyebrow (EB): "I often eat or drink mindlessly..."

  3. Side of Eye (SE): "I want to stop feeling guilty after eating or drinking..."

  4. Under Eye (UE): "I choose to enjoy foods or drinks without overeating..."

  5. Under Nose (UN): "I am committed to mindful eating or drinking..."

  6. Chin (CH): "I release the need for unhealthy foods or drinks..."

  7. Collarbone (CB): "I am in tune with my body's true needs..."

  8. Under Arm (UA): "I appreciate the nourishment I receive from healthy foods or drinks..."

Final Round of Tapping:

  1. Top of Head (TOH): "I am aware of my cravings for unhealthy foods or drinks..."

  2. Eyebrow (EB): "I am mindful of my eating or drinking habits..."

  3. Side of Eye (SE): "I let go of guilt and embrace healthy choices..."

  4. Under Eye (UE): "I enjoy foods or drinks in a balanced way..."

  5. Under Nose (UN): "I practice mindful eating or drinking daily..."

  6. Chin (CH): "I release unhealthy cravings..."

  7. Collarbone (CB): "I listen to my body’s needs..."

  8. Under Arm (UA): "I am grateful for the nourishment from healthy foods or drinks..."

After the final round of tapping, reassess your initial intensity level. If it has decreased, celebrate your progress and continue tapping until you feel fully relieved. If it has stayed the same or increased, try adjusting your statements to better align with your feelings or consider focusing on a different aspect of the issue. Sometimes, exploring underlying emotions can help you achieve a more significant shift.

Use Your Own Words

Using your own words during tapping is crucial for several reasons:

  1. Personalisation: Your own words capture your unique feelings and experiences, making the tapping process more meaningful and effective.

  2. Emotional Connection: Expressing your emotions in your own words helps you connect deeply with what you are feeling, making it easier to address and release those emotions.

  3. Authenticity: Authentic self-expression allows you to be honest with yourself, which is essential for genuine wellness and progress.

  4. Specificity: Using your own words ensures that the tapping sequence is bespoke to your specific issue, which increases the likelihood of resolving it.

  5. Empowerment: Crafting your setup statements empowers you to take charge of your wellness journey, fostering a sense of control and boosting your self-confidence.

Achieving lasting transformation requires dedication and commitment to daily practices that support your wellness. Tapping is a powerful tool for change. However, to experience its full potential, a sincere and consistent daily tapping practice is key. By marrying EFT and Mindful Eating into your routine, you will cultivate emotional wellness, self-awareness and a flourishing relationship with your emotions and yourself, leading to empowerment, joy, vitality and personal growth.

Imagine each tap as a gentle touch on your inner Rose, helping you bloom with each healthy, mindful choice you make. Remember that small consistent steps lead to meaningful transformation. By nurturing your body with care and attention, your inner Rose begins to bloom + sparkle.

Feel free to share your experiences or any questions in the comments below. Let us continue blooming and sparkling on our holistic wellness journey together! 🌹✨


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